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Headlight restoration is the act of refinishing aged headlight lenses that have succumbed to headlamp oxidation and  their environmental hazards of travel, weather, and exposure to caustic chemicals.

This condition which results in cloudy lenses is known for causing reduced night time visibility for travelers as the condition becomes worse.

Bumper repair, like PDR is a great alternative to body work. It is fast, affordable, and convenient.

Like PDR, as long as there is no paint damage, you get to maintain oem parts and factory finish.

Most bumper repairs can be completed within 2 to 3 hours.

Fender rolling is the process of "folding" the lips on the inside of your fenders/quarter panels upwards and flat against the inside
of your fender well. 

This process allows you to run a larger tire, wider rim, or a combination of both with out running the risk of damaging your fenders or tires.

Paintless dent repair also commonly referred to as PDR, originated in the early 1990's and has propelled the automotive recondition industry to a new level of convenience for consumers. PDR is the fastest, most cost efficient,and convenient alternative to minor auto body restoration.

PDR has many benefits. Your vehicle maintains its original factory finish,
therefore less vehicle resale depreciation. One of the biggest perks to PDR is that almost all repairs can be done within just a few short hours. Saving you time and money from having to rent a car or
taking valuable time away from work or family.

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